How to contribute?

How to contribute

Get our tools

All our tools are publicly available in GitHub and freely installable through the Galaxy ToolShed

However, we will be glad to have [good] feedbacks on their usage in order to motivate us (and our funders).

It will also be great if you can cite our papers:

Franck Giacomoni, Gildas Le Corguillé, Misharl Monsoor, Marion Landi, Pierre Pericard, Mélanie Pétéra, Christophe Duperier, Marie Tremblay-Franco, Jean-François Martin, Daniel Jacob, Sophie Goulitquer, Etienne A. Thévenot and Christophe Caron (2014). Workflow4Metabolomics: A collaborative research infrastructure for computational metabolomics. Bioinformatics


Push your tools / W4M as a Showcase

Your tools can be installed, integrated and hosted within the main W4M instance Tools.

Quality standards

However, the tools must stick to the IUC standards in order to be easily integrated:

  •  Available in a GitHub repository
  •  Conda dependencies
  •  Functional tests using Planemo
  •  Available in the Main ToolShed

Standard mode

In the first place, your tools will be displayed in the Contribution section of the tool panel. And eventually, it should be promoted among the other tools.

Advanced mode

In order to be fully integrated in our reference workflows, your tools must follow your exchange formats between tools (for more information, contact us).

A collaboration should be established if help is needed!

Support / HelpDesk

In all cases, the tools must be maintained by the developers themselves. A tool can be removed if this after sales service isn't done.