NMR Mus musculus dataset

Dataset archive (7Mo): Tlse_BrainMice_Bpa0025Bpa025.zip

Experimental design:


  • 24 brain samples from mice pups

- Mothers exposed to BPA (25 or 250 ng / kg body weight / day)
- Pups sacrificed at 21 days: brain collectiona

  • Extraction and NMR sample preparationb,c,d
  • NMR analysis:
      • Bruker DRX-600-Avance spectrometer using an inverse detection 5mm cryoprobe attached to a cryoplatform; CPMG spin-echo pulse sequencee
      • Fourier transformation was applied, then all spectra were phased and baseline corrected using TopSpinf

Reference workflow: W4M000XX


  • N.J. Cabaton, C. Canlet, P.R. Wadia,  M. Tremblay-Franco, R. Gautier, J. Molina, C. Sonnenschein, J.P. Cravedi, B.S. Rubin, A. Soto, D. Zalko. Effects of Low Doses of Bisphenol A on the Metabolome of Perinatally Exposed CD-1 Mice. Environmental Health Perspectives. 2013, 121(5), 586-593